D an G Collectables

Dragon Vase

$ 15.00

Made of black material in the cinnabar style. 

Intricately decorated with dragons, flowers and curlicues.

It has a mark under and is in excellent condition. H23cm  


Vintage Crystal Vases

$ 20.00 each

Both vases are in excellent condition.

One is 20cm in height and is elevated on a pedestal.  It has a large

diamond pattern and the top flares out to 12cm.

The other is 18cm and does not have a pedestal, with a smaller diamond pattern.    


Rococo Style Mantel Clock

$ 90.00

This magnificent quartz movement mantel clock made by Lisheng

has a gilded ornate poly resin case.

Finely decorated with curlicues, floral designs and mounted with

2 cherubs, one holding a flame torch and laural wreath.

The other holding a lyre. A beautiful gold tone face with Roman Numerals and black hands.

In excellent condition and working order.

Height: 43cm   Width: 32cm


Unusual Ceramic Eggs.

$ 14.00 - $18.00

Limited edition painted ceramic eggs from the ‘Native Collection’

Theden Ceramics, Yass NSW. 

They contain dioramas with Australian animals

– Black Swan #4/10 and Wombats #2/10, 1999.

Both in excellent condition. $14 – small 19cm $18 – large 23cm


Magnificent Resin Dragon

$ 72.00

Mythical rearing dragon with sword. Strikingly coloured in green and gold,

with pink accents and flourishing a metal sword (letter opener). 

He is a rare find and in ‘as new’ condition. Height: 31cm.


Vintage Resin Ornament

$ 20.00

Beautiful lady striking a seductive pose seated on a pink boudoir chair.

She is clad in fetching pink lingerie, stockings with garters and high heeled shoes. 

In excellent condition. 23cm.    


Noritake Bowl

$ 15.00

Large ceramic Noritake “Gourmet Garden’ series bowl.

Beautiful floral decoration inside and out.  Finished in a tactile, glossy glaze.

Freezer to oven to table, microwave and dishwasher safe.

In ‘as new’ condition. Diameter 25cm and height 8cm.  


Ice Bucket

$ 65.00

Vintage James Mont style Chinese ice bucket. It is of metal construction,

with three supporting legs, and made in Taiwan.

Decorated in traditional Chinese design with green antique patina look accents.

In excellent condition. Total heights is 33cm and diameter is 22cm.


Pair Ceramic Cranes

$ 50.00

A pair of elegant glazed cranes in mottled shades of green. 

Cranes symbolise immortality, purity, vigilance, longevity,

and good fortune in some cultures.

Tall and slim they measure 46cm and 40cm. 

In excellent condition  


Chinese Vase

$ 55.00

A magnificent large vase. Red white cased,

decorated with a gold and red peony design.

Beautifully finished with a high gloss ceramic glaze.   

It has Chinese characters (Prosperity and Wealth) on one side

and what appears makers mark. 

Measures 31cm in height and approx 82cm circumference.    


Re Designer Tea Ware

$ 15.00

A stunning example of fine bone china

from the  Cristina Re range of porcelain ware. 

This tea cup and saucer set has deep purple and

white stripes and is called ‘Grape’. 

It features elegant 24ct gold plated trim and cup handle

and is the perfect ‘accoutrement’ for any lady.

It comes with its individual custom made box and is in ‘as new’ condition.


Silvered Sugar Scuttle

$ 30.00

Sugar scuttle with original sugar scoop.

Made of silver toned metal and heavily embossed with a rose design.

In very good condition and measuring 16cm in height.


Home Décor Ornaments

$ 30.00 each or $50.00 pair

These unusual modern ornaments have a space age type of look

and would make an interesting conversation piece in any home.

Made of white and black glass with silver tone fittings. 

They are in excellent condition and measure 38cm.  


Pavilion Domino Set

$ 15.00

Dates from 1994 and distributed by Pavilion/Cardinal Industries New York.

This is a 28 piece set comes in its original red case.

Includes original Game Instructions and is in excellent condition.


Royal Doulton Figurine

$ 54.00

Royal Doulton HN2378 ‘Simone’ figurine.

She is dressed in an exquisite green gown displaying a ‘plunging’ neckline

and holding a fan. Made in 1970.

Back stamp under including several Rd numbers.

She is in excellent condition and measures 19cm.  


Crystal Vase

$ 25.00

Beautiful moulded, tall crystal vase. 

Decorated with an impressed  flower and leaf design,

impressed diagonal stripes and scalloped rim. 

It is in excellent condition.

Measures 26.5cm in height, diameter of base 13cm and 17cm diameter at rim.


Thai Tiffin Food Carrier

$ 46.00

Called “Pinto” in Thai, it represents the traditional culture of Thai people.

It has 4 tiers and is made of aluminium. 

It has an additional shallow divided tier on the top and adjustable handle.

This is an old style of food container in order to preserve the

tradition and culture of the older generation.

This old style is valuable either to collect or to use as food container. 

It is beautifully decorated and in excellent condition. 

Total height is 43cm, individual containers are 6cm in height and 16cm diameter.


Vintage Hand Carved Musician

$ 42.00

Interesting carving of a man playing what appears to be an early type of bagpipe.

He is wearing an old style hat, has a luxurious beard and is draped in a robe.

He is resting on a log fenced and is all carved from one piece of wood.

In very good condition. Height: 40cm  


Tall Table Lamp

$ 230.00

Exquisite Art Deco style table lamp.

Features an elegant posed nude dancer with a bronze look finish. 

She is holding a lamp globe above head with outstretched arms

and has a long cloth flowing down the length of her body.

In ‘as new’ condition and working order. Height: 69cm.  


Pair African Carvings

$ 48.00 pair

A pair of early, tall timber carvings featuring a male, and a female holding a child.

They are carved within a tall roofed structure.  Faces are also merging from two

sides of both roofs.  All faces are with inserted bone eyes.

In excellent condition. Height: 51cm


Coalport Figurine

$ 50.00

Fine porcelain, Coalport figurine ‘The Age of Elegance’, ‘Cheyne Walk’ 1991. 

Hand painted with an unusual mat finish.

This figurine is ‘retired’ and no longer in production.

In ‘mint’ condition. 21cm.


Wedgwood Collectable Plates

$ 15.00 each

Two Wedgwood display plates from the ‘Country Days’ series depicting

the life of a rural community in a bygone age. 

Both editions limited to 55 firing days.  Beautifully detailed country scenes

finished in a quality glaze.  One is entitled ‘Early Morning Milk’

and the other ‘Buying The Bread’ both by Chris Howels. 

Can be displayed on a stand, or wall mounted utilising the original holes

in the back of each plate.

Both in ‘as new’ condition. 20cm diameter.  


Art Deco Tiffany Style Lamp

$ 132.00

Art deco style feather dancer lamp.

beautifully made and finished to provide soft illumination and elegance.

Inspired by original Louis Comfort Tiffany designs from the late 19th century.

Featuring opalescent, rippled and iridescent glass, and high-quality soldering

of the metal that holds the glass panels in place. 

The elegant dancer and rectangular base are made of  a synthetic material

with a bronze look finish.

In ‘as new’ condition. H: 42cm x W: 35cm.  


Royal Doulton – Month of February Figurine

$ 110.00

Royal Doulton Figurine "February Violet - Faithfulness

" Flower of the Month HN 5501.  Colours bright and vibrant. 

Designed by Doulton Studios, it was issued in 2011.

Full Royal Doulton back stamp  this item is in excellent condition. 18cm  


Novelty Table Lamp

$ 45.00

Unusual Figi Graphics novelty table lamp with shade.

Features an ‘Antiques’ cottage/shop displaying some of its goods

on the front porch and back door, including a rocking horse,

teddy, vintage luggage and signs.

The lamp base is excellent condition, the shade shows some wear.

Full height is 36cm and approx 14cm square base.  


Royal Doulton Figurine

$ 20.00

Royal Doulton small ‘Ginger Cat’, 1995. 

Has minor nibble on one ‘toe’ (see photo) otherwise in excellent condition

with no chips or cracks.

Royal Doulton stamp  under base. 7.5cm  


Beswick ‘Tom Kitten’

$ 40.00

Vintage Beatrix Potter’s ‘Tom Kitten’ figurine.  F Warne & Co Ltd, copyright.

Beswick England. Collectable figurine in excellent.  No chips or cracks.

All identification stamps under base. 9cm


Beswick ‘Miss Moppet’

$ 40.00

Beatrix Potter’s ‘Miss Moppet’ porcelain figurine. 

F Warne & Co Ltd copyright 1954, Beswick England.

Cute collectable figurine.

In excellent condition with all identification stamps under base. 7.5cm  


DB Dynamics Sound System

$ 50.00

The system consists of:

2 x 1m high floor speakers model P663F

1 x Centre Point Speaker 53cm long model P663C

1 x Control unit (Woofer)  50cm high model CP800

All in excellent condition. The floor speakers have original packaging.  


NAO (Lladro) Figure #0561

$ 25.00

‘Girl Yawning’ designed by Fulgencio Garcia. Issued in 1977. 

In ‘as new’ condition with stamp to base.  20cm


NAO (Lladro) Figure

$ 50.00

Hand made porcelain figure called ‘Girl with Doll’.

Originally issued in 1990. 

In ‘Mint’ condition with stamp to base. 24cm  


NAO (Lladro) Figure #236

$ 50.00

Called ‘ First Communion Girl’, Hand made porcelain, originally issued in 1977.

Stamped to base.  In ‘Mint’ condition.  24cm


Novelty Desk Lamp

$ 38.00

Bronze look dolphin desk lamp. Made from heavy composite material

featuring a leaping dolphin and glass shade in orange and white marble effect.

In excellent working order and condition. Width: 20cm x Height: 15cm


NAO (Lladro) Figurine

$ 45.00

This one is called ‘Girl with Poodle at her Feet’, model #203.

Originally issued in 1983. Stamped and marked to base. 

In ‘as new’ condition.  24cm  


Royal Doulton Figurine

$ 45.00

Hand-made and hand decorated bone china ‘Flowers for Mother’ figurine HN3454.

Modelled by Pauline Parsons and originally issued in 1993. 

With original tag and back stamp under.

In ‘as new’ condition.  15cm


NAO/Lladro Figurine

$ 60.00

This tall statue is named ‘Boy with Hood and Puppy’. 

Depicts a boy wearing a hooded robe gazing down at the puppy at his feet.

NAO #354 designed in 1992. In ‘mint’ condition.

Back stamp under . Height: 37cm  


Vintage Brass Horse

$ 52.00

Large, heavy Chinese Tang dynasty style horse.

Beautifully moulded with detailed saddle and accessories. 

This model is hollow but exceptionally heavy at 2.2kgs.

In excellent condition.  Height: 20cm x Length: 21cm


NAO/Lladro Figurine

$ 50.00

NAO/Lladro figurine #596. ‘Boy with Clock and Pillow'

Manufactured in 1980. In ‘mint’ condition.

Depicting a boy wearing a night shirt carrying a clock in one hand

with a pillow under the other arm.

Back stamp under. Height: 25cm.  


Westminster Chime Quartz Wall Clock

$ 50.00

Stylish timber and glass case wall clock.

White clock face with gold tone bezel and black Roman Numerals and hands.

Gold tone lyre pendulum. Has a Westminster Chime on the hour.

The quartz movement is powered with 1 x 'C' battery.

Height: 62cm   Width: 30cm   Depth: 11cm  


Tall Lladro, NAO Figurine

$ 65.00

A Nao by Lladro (Spain) 'Girl with Broken Jar'

handmade porcelain figure, model #0223. 

Designed by Vincente Matinez and originally issued in 1992.

Stamped to base and in ‘as new’ condition.

Height: 31cm x Width: 19cm.


Vintage Wall Clock

$ 25.00

Made by Tilecrafts in Staffordshire England.

The face has Roman numerals and features a highly decorated

floral design tile set in a quality timber frame.

Battery operated. In excellent condition. Measures 28cm square.


Ceramic Figurines

$ 10.00 each

Both in period dress. Nicely glazed finish. 

Makers mark under of a crown and the letters A (or R) and an S,

stamped Made in Italy. In excellent condition.

Height approx 20cm  


Vintage Carved Period Figure

$ 120.00

German hand carved wooden statue ‘The Night Watchman’. 

This is a spectacularly detailed carving, from the folds of his cloak to the

buckles on his boots, wearing the attire of the 15th century. 

His lantern lights up, he has a short carved sword attached to his belt,

is carrying a horn and a halberd. 

An exquisite piece.  In ‘as new’ condition. 

Height of the figure is 45cm, and complete height with halberd 61cm.


American Mantel Clock

$ 340.00

This beautiful ‘Barrister’  mantel clock was made by Howard Miller Clock Co.

USA  Model number 613-180

Mahogany finish case with maple and madrona burr inlays.

White face with black numbers and hands. Finished with brass bezel.

The German movement incorporates a Westminster chime.

Chimes on the ¼, ½, ¾, hour and full chimes on the hour.

In excellent condition and working order.

Complete with key and manual.

Height: 30cm  Width: 24cm   Depth: 13cm

Click here to view video


Art Deco Replica

$ 250.00

Absolutely spectacular art deco resin sculpture on a marble base.

This is a replica of the 1920 bronze original ‘Salome’ by the renowned

Romanian sculptor Demetre Chiparus (1886 – 1947).

This is a striking sculpture and is in perfect condition.

Total height is 44cm

standing on a base measuring L25 cm x W18cm.


Carved Buffalo

$ 95.00

Large wooden, dark brown, hand carved water buffalo. 

Impressive attention to each hair on his body, his hooves and horns. 

In excellent condition. L39cm x H27cm.


Pair Glass Vases

$ 50.00 each - $80.00 the pair

These stunning cylinder shaped vases are a deep cobalt blue with gilt floral motive

on one side and gilt stripe embellishments near the top and base. 

Both in excellent condition. 24cm  


Glass Vase

$ $40.00

Striking handkerchief design glass vase.

The exterior is amber and white speckles with geometric brown lines.

The rime flares out into a handkerchief design.

The interior is a deep red. In excellent condition.

Height: 40cm


Vintage Champagne Bowls

$ 40.00

Set of 4 small bowl green champagne glasses. 

Beautiful green bases and bowls with clear barley twist stems.

In excellent condition – no chips, scratches or cracks. 

Height: 15.5cm


Vintage Glass Conch Shell

$ 45.00

A large vintage glass conch shell with marble effect design in white,

amber and brown.

Mouth blown and attributed to a Murano glass artist and has pontil mark on base.

In excellent condition. Measures H15cm x W25cm.


Korean Fork and Spoon Set

$ 20.00

Five Korean folk metal art coffee spoons and cake forks.

They are finished in 24K gold plate with enamel tiger decoration

on the end of each spoon and fork.

They come in their original box and are in excellent condition.


Vintage Decanter in Red Carry Case

$ 22.00

A 1960s full size glass decanter with pressed cube form design.

Buttoned leather look collar with gilding at neck and original square stopper.

The decanter is stored in a red leather look carrying case with a silver coloured

buckle to front and the handle folds down to release the decanter.

Stamped mark ‘Vermont’ at base of carry case.

Both case and decanter in excellent condition.


Antique style phone

$ 45.00

White ceramic body with bronzed base, cradle and handset.

Push button numbers.

Decorative only.  Makes an excellent display.

In very good condition.


Heavy Stone Urn

$ 25.00

Magnificent pedestal lidded urn.  Elaborately carved with detailed, repeating design.

Looks and feels like soap stone, and is very heavy.

The stone has shades of orange, red, tan, black and brown. 

This is a very unusual and stunning item. 

In excellent condition.

H24cm, diameter of 17.5cm, standing on pedestal of 12.5cm.  


Vintage Galileo Weather Station

$ 64.00

Barometer, hygrometer,  clock and thermometer Dope design. 

Set in a lacquered timber stand with glass thermometer and crystals.

In excellent condition. 31cm x 15cm.


Japanese Bento Box

$ 45.00

Three tier Japanese lacquered red bento box. 

Decorated with gold fans and black and white flowers.

Measures 19cm square and is in new condition with no evidence of use.

A Bento box  in Japan is packed with foods such as rice, fish or meat,

vegetables, and pickled vegetables or perhaps dessert.

The idea is to make the portions as attractive as possible,

dividing the food into striking arrangements and using

eye-catching colour combinations.


Lithophane Tea Set

$ 45.00

Vintage Japanese 17 piece tea/coffee set.  Fine white egg shell porcelain

with the image of a Geisha in the base of each cup.

Each piece is hand painted with a red, green and gold fire breathing

dragon and the traditional pearl. 

The set comprises 5 each cups, saucers and small plates.  Also includes a lidded sugar bowl and milk jug.

In excellent condition.  


Ceramic Mantel Clocks

$ 15.00 - $20.00

Both finished in a white glaze.  The smaller one is decorated with pink roses

and blue ribbons and measures H12.5cmx W11.5cm.

The larger is decorated with a variety of flora and gilt accents,

it measures H20cm x W13cm. 

Both battery operated and in excellent condition.  


Crystal Bowls

$ 5.00 each $15.00 set of 4

Dessert/ice cream footed bowls.  Made in Macedonia.

Euro Crystal 24% lead. Beautiful design with scalloped edge.

Four available in individual boxes and original label on each bowl.

Height:  9cm and diameter 11cm.


Wind-Up Composite Clown

$ 25.00

Vintage musical and animated clown.  Plays a tune (not sure what it is)

and sways at the same time. Formally dressed in a tuxedo, lace shirt and bow tie.

Lovely grey hair and friendly smile on his face.

In excellent condition.  Height: 32cm.

Click here to view video


Chinese Shiwan Ware Statue

$ 48.00

This is a depiction of Zhu Bajie from the 16th century novel  ‘Journey to the West”.

He was the Commander-in-chief of 80,000 Heavenly Navy Soldiers. 

His main hobby was said to be ‘seducing women’ although couldn’t imagine him

very successful with that face!!!  His weapon was the nine toothed rake – handle

appears to have been broken off on this statue.

Made of composite material and hand painted.

Signature plaque inside base of statue.

Other than the rake handle it is in very good condition.

Height: 24cm x Width:  22cm


Chinese Fisherman Figure

$ 15.00

Made of porcelain with a glossy white finish, blue trim and gold accents.

He is carrying 2 baskets and is in excellent condition. 27cm


Kneeling African Figurine

$ 10.00

Made of resin and wearing a stunning costume of pink with gilt and beading

highlights.  She has beads in her hair and adorned with jewellery.

The infant she is holding also has the beading decoration on the cloth in which

it is swaddled. Measures 31cm in height and is in excellent condition.


Antique brass figure

$ 40.00

Antique brass figure believed to be that of a fisherman.

He is very heavy with a flat body on the reverse side.

He is carrying 2 woven baskets which appear to be a later

replacement for what he was carrying originally.

There is a neat round hole on the base behind his right heel.

Obviously there was a reason for this hole but it is now empty.

For all his faults, he is a lovely example of a brass figure and

has a genuine patina consistent with age.

He is 35cm in height and weighs 2.3kg.


Tulip Basket

$ 10.00

Vintage Pura Banka hammered small fluted tulip basket with handle.

This item is heavy and appears to be chromium finished.

In excellent condition.

Height of basket itself 7cm, with handle extended 13cm and diameter 10cm


Novelty Chest on Wheels

$ 25.00

A very decorative carriage on wheels and decorated

with shim metal and elephant motif.

Interior is lined in blue velvet and contains 2 small lidded glass jars

with small metal spoons, their purpose is not known. 

In excellent condition. Length 23cm and height 12cm.


Pewter Boy Figure

$ 28.00

Vintage 60s Peltro Casellato A Mano (Italy)

pewter figure of a boy in 18th century costume.

He is wearing a green and yellow neckerchief  and holding a yellow flower.

Mounted on a wooden plinth with pewter edging. Original label under. 

In excellent condition. 15cm.  


Art Glass Fish

$ 22.00

Handmade stylised glass fish.  Clear glass over unusual multi-colours. 

In excellent condition.

Height: 20cm x Width: 22cm


Large Glass Vase

$ 30.00

Large, heavy art glass vase.  It is oval shaped and a brilliant green

with white and pink petal decoration.

In excellent condition.

Height is 32cm with diameter of 53cm at its widest.


Vintage Shoe Shine Box

$ 45.00

Stained pine with side metal handles.

The lid has the ‘Roo Boot Polish’ emblem with internal compartments.

Made in Australia.  In excellent condition.

Width: 46cm x Depth: 30cm x Height: 22cm.


Japanese Silver Tone Box

$ 48.00

A well crafted Japanese silver tone supplies box, featuring three archaic

Japanese/Chinese Kanji characters to lid (translation. 'Dental Box'),

attributed to Meiji (1860-1912) or Taisho (1912-1926) period.

In excellent antique/vintage condition.

Length: 16cm x Depth: 8cm x Height: 4.5cm.  


Pair Antique Japanese Vases

$ 32.00 pair

Pair of Royal Nishiki Nippon vases from circa 1905. 

Hand painted in shades of brown with pink,

green and white contrast flowers and boats.  Back stamp under.

Some minor chips to paintwork consistent with age. 25cm


Wall Clock

$ 25.00

Fenwick & Co. Royal Mail Station Clock.

Features timber case, white dial with black Roman numerals

and includes a picture of a stage coach.

The silent quartz movement requires 1 x ‘AA’ battery.

Excellent condition.  Diameter: 27cm


Pottery Flagon/Barrel

$ 15.00

Yarra Glen Pottery flagon with original cork and brass spigot.

Nicely glazed in a shade of dark brown.

Never used and in excellent condition.

27cm in height and 54cm circumference


Crystal Decanter

$ 30.00

Magnificent heavy lead crystal decanter.

Square with floral motif and narrow square

etched corners making it 8 sided.

Comes with its beautiful large original crystal ball stopper.

In excellent condition. The decanter measures 19cm and 26cm with stopper.


Chinese Apothecary Cabinet

$ 210.00

Made of solid lacquered timber in a dark reddish brown shade.

The lacquer highlights the wood grain. Comprises 3 small drawers (H10cm x W17.5cm x D36cm.) One large drawer measuring (H10cm x W50cm x D36cm.)

Door on 1 side opens to reveal 2 shelves (W30cm x D38cm,) height between shelves

is approx 17cm.  Attractive pull ring metal handles and corner embellishments.

The whole unit is in excellent condition. H59cm x W57cm x D43cm.


Alan Carter Price Guide to Antiques and Collectables 2009 Gold Edition

$ 60.00

This item is the complete set and  includes:

  • Original box presentation box

  • 678 page large book

  • 378 page miniature copy of the large volume

  • 183 page Antiques and Collectables Fact Finder book

  • DVD ‘Clouds and Rainbows’ ‘English Days’ Part 1.

Each book comes with its own gold coloured paper feather shaped book mark.

The main book has the signed authentication fixed to its opening page.

All in as new condition.


Vintage Radford Jug

$ 15.00

Vintage ,1930's/40's, Tavern Ware jug.  By E Radford.

hand painted and Made in England, with authenticating markings on the base.

This classic Radford Tavern ware jug is approximately 14cms high and

14cm diameter at its widest point.

It has a wonderfully tactile 3D moulded tavern scene surface

that has been painstakingly hand painted.

In excellent condition. No chips or cracks.



Vintage Coronation Crystal Bowl

$ 38.00

Beautiful hand-cut lead crystal.  Made in Poland.

Vine leaf and grape design around perimeter.

Unused, in excellent condition with original box.

Height: 11.5 cm x Diameter: 20cm  


Antique Hot water Bottle

$ 15.00

Tan coloured pottery hot water bottle.

Has makers stamp near base but is not clear and difficult to identify.

The bottle has a threaded screw-in stopper.

All in excellent condition. Total length 24cm.