D an G Collectables

Large Charger/Plate

$ 18.00

Very decorative and useful large plate.

Features a beautiful floral design in shades of pink and blue

with a white background, and Japanese landscape scenes.

In ‘as new’ condition. Sticker under ‘Made in Japan’.  Diameter 32cm


Vintage Wall Clock

$ 25.00

Made by Tilecrafts in Staffordshire England.

The face has Roman numerals and features a highly decorated

floral design tile set in a quality timber frame.

Battery operated. In excellent condition. Measures 28cm square.


Ceramic Figurines

$ 10.00 each

Both in period dress. Nicely glazed finish. 

Makers mark under of a crown and the letters A (or R) and an S,

stamped Made in Italy. In excellent condition.

Height approx 20cm  


Vintage Carved Period Figure

$ 120.00

German hand carved wooden statue ‘The Night Watchman’. 

This is a spectacularly detailed carving, from the folds of his cloak to the

buckles on his boots, wearing the attire of the 15th century. 

His lantern lights up, he has a short carved sword attached to his belt,

is carrying a horn and a halberd. 

An exquisite piece.  In ‘as new’ condition. 

Height of the figure is 45cm, and complete height with halberd 61cm.


American Mantel Clock

$ 340.00

This beautiful ‘Barrister’  mantel clock was made by Howard Miller Clock Co.

USA  Model number 613-180

Mahogany finish case with maple and madrona burr inlays.

White face with black numbers and hands. Finished with brass bezel.

The German movement incorporates a Westminster chime.

Chimes on the ¼, ½, ¾, hour and full chimes on the hour.

In excellent condition and working order.

Complete with key and manual.

Height: 30cm  Width: 24cm   Depth: 13cm

Click here to view video


Brass Lamps

$ 10.00 - $15.00

Set of three brass Genie lamps.

Graduated sizes with length measurements 12cm and 10cm.

Each is complete with original stopper and chain.

In excellent condition.

Prices: $15 - (15cm - SOLD)     $12 - (12cm)     $10 - (10cm)    


Art Deco Replica

$ 250.00

Absolutely spectacular art deco resin sculpture on a marble base.

This is a replica of the 1920 bronze original ‘Salome’ by the renowned

Romanian sculptor Demetre Chiparus (1886 – 1947).

This is a striking sculpture and is in perfect condition.

Total height is 44cm

standing on a base measuring L25 cm x W18cm.


Carved Buffalo

$ 95.00

Large wooden, dark brown, hand carved water buffalo. 

Impressive attention to each hair on his body, his hooves and horns. 

In excellent condition. L39cm x H27cm.



$ 82.00

Magnificent figurine of a Roman Charioteer with 2 rearing horses.

Finely detailed charioteer’s Roman costume and the decoration on the chariot.

Made of resin and set on a resin base.

Finished in a copper look coating. In excellent condition.

L35cm x H24 x W12cm.  


Baxter Mantel Clock

$ 90.00

A beautifully mantel clock with Westminster Chime.

The case is a mahogany finish. 

Has a white face with black Roman Numerals and hands.

Powered with 3 x ‘AA’ batteries.

The Westminster Chime every hour on the hour.

In excellent condition and working order.

Width: 46cm  Height: 30cm   Depth: 16cm


Vintage style Radio

$ 85.00

Hypersonic replica vintage AM/FM radio.

Walnut finished Beehive case is in excellent condition.

On/Off dial, AM/FM selector, tuner dial and tone dial.

In working condition. 240V system

Height: 32cm  Width: 29cm  Depth: 18cm


Collection of Crystal

$ 2.00 - $9.00

A selection of small crystal items.  Including vases, a variety of lidded trinket boxes,  trays, tiny round salts and a large knife rest. All in excellent condition. Prices ranging from; $2 - $9


Antique Gingerbread Clock

$ 60.00

This Kitchen Mantel (Gingerbread) Clock was made by

Gilbert Clock Co. Connecticut USA  c1900

Timber case with white dial and black Roman Numerals.

The pendulum is stamped Pat: 1st March 1881

It has an eight day movement and strikes on the hour.

The case is in good condition. The face shows signs of wear consistent with age.

Complete with key.

Height: 55cm  Width: 38cm


Modern Vintage-Look Sound System

$ 150.00

In red cedar colour timber casing with matching stand and inbuilt vinyl storage.

Features turntable, USB socket, SD Card socket, CD player, cassette player,

AM/FM radio, blue tooth capabilities, Aux in and line out jacks.

Record from record, cd or tape to USB

Complete with a spare stylus, 45RPM adaptor and  remote control and manual

Nostalgic Music System Model TR-W172BT

All in working order and in excellent condition.

Width: 51cm  Depth: 35cm  Height: 90cm (incl. Stand)    


Pair Glass Vases

$ 50.00 each - $80.00 the pair

These stunning cylinder shaped vases are a deep cobalt blue with gilt floral motive

on one side and gilt stripe embellishments near the top and base. 

Both in excellent condition. 24cm  


Osaka Vase

$ 45.00

Large vintage Japanese ceramic vase.  Transfer design in orange and green.

Features landscape scene with a pagoda in the distance on two sides

and busy floral panels on the other two. 

In excellent condition. 46cm  


Glass Vases

$ 30.00 - $40.00

Striking handkerchief design glass vases. 

The exterior is amber and white speckles with geometric brown lines.

The rime flares out into a handkerchief design. 

The interior is a deep red. Both in excellent condition.

23cm size: $30.00      40cm size: $40.00


Terracotta Warrior

$ 50.00

Large copy of a ‘Terracotta Warrior’, of the Chinese Terracotta Army,

made of wood.  Beautifully detailed carving with a ‘patina’ giving an aged look.

The Terracotta Army is a collection of terracotta sculptures depicting the

armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. It is a form of funerary art which was buried with the emperor in 210–209 BCE

with the purpose of protecting the emperor in his afterlife. 

It was believed that objects like statues can be animated in the afterlife.

In very good condition.  H: 97cm  x  W: 21cm  x  D: 23cm.


Vintage Clock Radio

$ 35.00

National Panasonic Clock Radio with alarm c1970

Plastic cream case. 240v power.

AM/FM Radio. Wake up alarm with sleep function.

In working order

Width: 24cm  x 15cm depth: 15cm  


Vintage Champagne Bowls

$ 40.00

Set of 4 small bowl green champagne glasses. 

Beautiful green bases and bowls with clear barley twist stems.

In excellent condition – no chips, scratches or cracks. 

Height: 15.5cm


Vintage Glass Conch Shell

$ 55.00

A large vintage glass conch shell with marble effect design in white,

amber and brown. 

Mouth blown and attributed to a Murano glass artist and has pontil mark on base.

In excellent condition. Measures H15cm x W25cm.


Korean Fork and Spoon Set

$ 20.00

Five Korean folk metal art coffee spoons and cake forks.

They are finished in 24K gold plate with enamel tiger decoration

on the end of each spoon and fork.

They come in their original box and are in excellent condition.


Three Wise Monkeys

$ 38.00

‘See No Evil’, ‘Hear No evil’ and ‘Speak No Evil’. 

Made of dark red heavy resin material with black accents.

They are sitting on what appears to be a large tree root.

The  monkeys measure 13cm in height, the top of the root is 10cm tall and the

full width is 28cm wide. Complete size is H23cm x W28cm x D17cm. 

In excellent condition.


Vintage Decanter in Red Carry Case

$ 22.00

A 1960s full size glass decanter with pressed cube form design.

Buttoned leather look collar with gilding at neck and original square stopper.

The decanter is stored in a red leather look carrying case with a silver coloured

buckle to front and the handle folds down to release the decanter.

Stamped mark ‘Vermont’ at base of carry case.

Both case and decanter in excellent condition.


Antique style phone

$ 50.00

White ceramic body with bronzed base, cradle and handset.

Push button numbers.

Decorative only.  Makes an excellent display.

In very good condition.


Coronet Pendulum Wall Clock

$ 65.00

This 31 day winding clock keeps excellent time.

Strikes on the hour and half hour.

The timber case is fitted with glass front and decorative motif.

Small finial missing from top otherwise in good condition.

Complete with pendulum and key.

Height: 55cm  Width: 28cm  Depth: 13cm


Heavy Stone Urn

$ 25.00

Magnificent pedestal lidded urn.  Elaborately carved with detailed, repeating design.

Looks and feels like soap stone, and is very heavy.

The stone has shades of orange, red, tan, black and brown. 

This is a very unusual and stunning item. 

In excellent condition.

H24cm, diameter of 17.5cm, standing on pedestal of 12.5cm.  


Stone Buddha

$ 20.00

Unusual heavy stone Buddha carving – probably soap stone.

Intricately carved detail. Interesting shades of tan, ochre and black.

In excellent condition. 26cm x 17cm.  


Vintage Galileo Weather Station

$ 64.00

Barometer, hygrometer,  clock and thermometer Dope design. 

Set in a lacquered timber stand with glass thermometer and crystals.

In excellent condition. 31cm x 15cm.


Mythical Dragon

$ 22.00

Colourful resin dragon. Mostly green in colour with orange, red and blue accents.

Appears to be standing in ice which has partially frozen

(or is melting) around his legs and tail.

Nicely detailed moulding of his face and scales.

In excellent condition. Height: 14cm x Width: 12cm.


Character Teapot

$ 15.00

Vintage hand painted unusual teapot in the style of a Character Jug.

Looks like a character from the 18th century. 

Ceramic material, Made in Japan circa 1960.

In excellent condition.  9cm


Coat Hooks

$ 30.00

Beautifully hand painted on solid and heavy board with 5 wooden pegs.

Decorated in folk art style and the subject is reminiscent of Pieter Bruegel’s

Haymaking’ paintings. Also features an old English Prayer.

Inscription ‘ Jenny ‘95’.  In excellent condition.

Width: 90cm x Height: 52cm.


Vintage Bongo Book

$ 15.00

Walt Disney’s ‘Bongo’ hard cover book. This book is relatively rare and was

produced prior to Christmas 1950. Published by Ayers & James Pty Ltd Sydney.

Printed in Australia by The Specialty Press Pty Ltd Melbourne. 

In very good condition but has sticky tape applied in 2 double

pages to hold them together.   

Has a written inscription ‘To Frankie with best wishes from Robert Xmas 1950’  


Promotional Booklet – Collectors’ Item

$ 12.00

‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ promotional booklet for ‘Palmolive Soap’

from the 1940s.  This booklet tells the story of ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’

with Palmolive Soap advertising outside and inside of back cover.

Wholly set up and lithographed in Australia for ‘Colgate-Palmolive-Peet Co.

by John Sands Pty Ltd Sydney. 

Has a few minor ‘nibbles’ on edge of front cover otherwise in excellent

condition for an item that is approx 80 years old.

The booklet measures 18cm x 12cm and ‘Copyright – Walt Disney Enterprises.


Japanese Bento Box

$ 45.00

Three tier Japanese lacquered red bento box. 

Decorated with gold fans and black and white flowers.

Measures 19cm square and is in new condition with no evidence of use.

A Bento box  in Japan is packed with foods such as rice, fish or meat,

vegetables, and pickled vegetables or perhaps dessert.

The idea is to make the portions as attractive as possible,

dividing the food into striking arrangements and using

eye-catching colour combinations.


Framed Diamond Dotz Donald and Daisy Duck

$ 15.00 each

Disney’s Daisy and Donald Duck in framed pictures

with diamond dotz highlights.

Perfect decoration for for a child’s room.

Framed by professional picture business.

Both in excellent condition. Height: 51cm x Width: 38cm


Vintage Shiwan Clay Figurine

$ 35.00

Chinese Shiwan figure, from the 1960s,  of glazed and unglazed clay.

His visible skin areas are unglazed and his robe is finished

in a rich dark blue enamel glaze. In excellent condition. 

In excellent condition. Height: 38cm.  


Framed Diamond Dotz Picture

$ 20.00

Features Pooh Bear, Eeyore, Tigger and  Piglet.

Beautifully presented with small diamond dotz highlights.

Framed by professional picture framing business .

In excellent condition.  55cm x 50cm.  


‘Cheeky Monkey’

$ 25.00

Chinese Ming Jia clay marmoset figure. 

He is perched on a highly glazed base of black and blue enamel

eating what appears to be a peach. 

Very cute ‘startled’ expression on the face of this little fellow. 

In excellent condition. Height: 25cm x Width: 21cm.


Chinese Wall Plaque

$ 20.00

Beautiful large resin wall plaque. Decorated with a five taloned dragon,

a symbol of royalty, and the traditional pearl.

It is finished in glossy red with black accents.

Has red woven chord for hanging and lower tasselled chord

with gold embellishment. Diameter is 27cm.

In excellent condition.  


Miniature clocks in Display case

$ 90.00

There are 7 miniature clocks in this collection including

mantel, carriage, anniversary and alarm clocks. All in gold tone.

Each clock is in excellent condition and working order.

The largest clock is 60mm x 40mm and the smallest 32mm x 50mm

$10.00 each

Display Cabinet: $25.00

The clocks are displayed in a mirror backed wall cabinet measuring

25cm high x 21cm wide x 6.5cm depth.

There is a small crack in one corner of the cabinet mirror

otherwise in excellent condition.


Vintage Coffee Spoons and Sugar Tongs.

$ 20.00

Set of 6 silver plate coffee spoons with matching sugar tongs. Made by

F A & Co England and distributed by  ‘Watchmaker & Jeweller’ W Dunkling,

315 – 7 Bourke St, Melbourne.

The set is in excellent condition and comes in its original box

which shows some ‘wear and tear’ consistent with age.  


Model Ships

$ 20.00 to $25.00

Two model ships.

The USS Constitution:

Commissioned by George Washington and launched in 1797 and is still in use as a

museum ship and with a full active crew participates in ceremonies and

educational programs.  Length: 35cm   Height: 38cm

The Bonhomme Richard:

Originally a French merchant ship and was transferred to the French Navy


being sold to King Louis XVI of France. Length: 35cm  Height: 27cm

Some minor repairs are needed.  


Vintage Brass Cranes

$ 15.00 each or $25.00 pair

We have two beautiful symbolic crane figures. 

They are in excellent condition and have a lovely patina.

The upright model is 37cm and the other which appears

to be preening itself is 23cm tall and 24cm wide.

The Crane symbolizes beauty, harmony, and grace.

It represents positive change as it has been associated

with the New Year in various cultures.

The Crane symbolism focuses on the need for balance

and living in harmony with others.


Collection of mantel clocks

$ 5.00 - $20.00

Five small mantel clocks in various sizes and designs. 

Height ranges from 9cm to 16.5cm. 

Four are battery operated and one (black with sunflower decoration)

is vintage windup.

Price ranges from $5 to $20. All are in very good condition.  


Lithophane Tea Set

$ 45.00

Vintage Japanese 17 piece tea/coffee set.  Fine white egg shell porcelain

with the image of a Geisha in the base of each cup.

Each piece is hand painted with a red, green and gold fire breathing

dragon and the traditional pearl. 

The set comprises 5 each cups, saucers and small plates.  Also includes a lidded sugar bowl and milk jug.

In excellent condition.  


Coca Cola Advertising (1950s)

$ 40.00

Framed snowy landscape of an earlier age.

Shows a log cabin type store displaying a ‘Coca Cola’ sign,

old style petrol bowser,  a ‘Free Air-Water’ sign, an early

model vehicle and various animals including a majestic stag in the foreground.

Has a slight 3D effect. In excellent condition. 51cm x 41cm.


Brass Rose Bowl

$ 10.00

Vintage large brass rose bowl.  Has minor pitting consistent with age

on the outside and minimal corrosion inside interior. 

Overall in very good condition.

A very impressive Height 13cm x Diameter 20cm.  


Vintage Silver Plate Rose Bowls

$ 10.00 - $18.00

Made by ‘Lanthe’ of England. All in very good condition.

Bud vase is 14cm, small rose bowl Height 8cm and 7.5cm diameter,

large rose bowl - Height 12cm x Diameter 15cm.

$10 bud vase with rose $10 small rose bowl $18 large rose bowl


Ceramic Mantel Clocks

$ 15.00 - $20.00

Both finished in a white glaze.  The smaller one is decorated with pink roses

and blue ribbons and measures H12.5cmx W11.5cm.

The larger is decorated with a variety of flora and gilt accents,

it measures H20cm x W13cm. 

Both battery operated and in excellent condition.  


Crystal Bowls

$ 5.00 each $15.00 set of 4

Dessert/ice cream footed bowls.  Made in Macedonia.

Euro Crystal 24% lead. Beautiful design with scalloped edge.

Four available in individual boxes and original label on each bowl.

Height:  9cm and diameter 11cm.


Blown Crystal Whisky Glasses

$ 25.00

Beautifully weighted set of 6 whisky glasses. Never used and in original box.

Made by Bormioli of Italy. Beethoven design. 9.5cm height – 207 mls.  


Wind-Up Composite Clown

$ 25.00

Vintage musical and animated clown.  Plays a tune (not sure what it is)

and sways at the same time. Formally dressed in a tuxedo, lace shirt and bow tie.

Lovely grey hair and friendly smile on his face.

In excellent condition.  Height: 32cm.

Click here to view video


Antique American Mantel Clock

$ 220.00

Made by Sessions Clock Co. USA c1920

Black timber case with three Corinthian Columns on each side of the face.

The case has ornate gilded feet and handles.

Chimes on the hour and half hour.

In excellent running order. The face has minor scuff marks consistent with age.

Comes complete with pendulum and key.

37cm wide: 26cm height  15cm depth.


Vintage Windup Alarm clock

$ 35.00

Made in Gt. Britain c1940s Very ornate floral petit point embroidered face. Copper toned case with gold ormolu frame. In very good condition and in working order. Diameter 14cm


T.H. Sandland Tankard – 1960-69

$ 15.00

Ceramic tankard made in England. It has Sairey Gamp on one side

and Sam Weller on the other – both in raised relief. 

The handle is a lamppost with a lamp on top. Hand painted. 

See photo of base for authenticity.  In excellent condition.  12.5cm


Collectable Peggy Nisbet Doll

$ 20.00

Made in England c1980.  Beautiful Edwardian Lady wearing a stunning dress,

with train, from that period (1906).

She has a matching hat and black velvet choker around her neck. 

All matching in black and white.

She has the original label and is in excellent condition. 23cm  


Collectable Peggy Nisbet Doll

$ 20.00

Made in England c1980.  Henry VIII magnificently attired in a gold undergarment,

white stockings and purple velvet cloak trimmed with white fur and matching hat

He carries a sword under his cloak and wears a garter around his left knee.

He has the original label and is in excellent condition. 23cm  


Collectable Peggy Nisbet Doll

$ 20.00

Made in England c1980. Anne Boleyn in vibrant blue and gold Renaissance

dress and head wear.

Has original label and is in excellent condition. 21cm.  


Collectable Peggy Nisbet Doll

$ 15.00

Made in England c1980.  Mary Queen of Scots wearing her wedding dress and veil.

She also has a crucifix attached to her dress.

She has her original label and is in excellent condition. 20cm


McDonalds Anniversary Plate

$ 22.00

Franklin Mint limited edition Cameo Collector’s Plate. Produced in 1996.

Celebrating all the fun and warmth of 1950’s nostalgia in the first

McDonald’s 40th Anniversary Collector’s Plate.

Hand numbered and bordered in 24 carat gold.

Comes with official authorisation and in original box.

In excellent condition. Diameter 21cm.  


Vintage Collection of Brass Objects

$ 4.00 - $10.00

Several vases ranging from 12cm to 24cm. 

Also small brass horse, small heavy plate embossed with angels,

small cranes and 3 copper and brass home décor ball ornaments. 

All in vintage condition.

Ranging from $4 to $10


Chinese Shiwan Ware Statue

$ 48.00

This is a depiction of Zhu Bajie from the 16th century novel  ‘Journey to the West”.

He was the Commander-in-chief of 80,000 Heavenly Navy Soldiers. 

His main hobby was said to be ‘seducing women’ although couldn’t imagine him

very successful with that face!!!  His weapon was the nine toothed rake – handle

appears to have been broken off on this statue.

Made of composite material and hand painted.

Signature plaque inside base of statue.

Other than the rake handle it is in very good condition.

Height: 24cm x Width:  22cm


Chinese Fisherman Figure

$ 15.00

Made of porcelain with a glossy white finish, blue trim and gold accents.

He is carrying 2 baskets and is in excellent condition. 27cm


Resin Figurine

$ 24.00

Figurine of a deer with 2 suckling young.

Nicely detailed flora on base of the statue and  fur of the animals. 

In excellent condition. Height: 16cm x Length: 14cm.


Wine Glasses

$ 20.00 set of 6

Six beautifully shaped tall wine glasses.

They are made of fine delicate glass and the bubble at the top

of the stem is green in colour.

They measure 21cm in height and are in excellent condition.  


Kneeling African Figurine

$ 20.00

Made of resin and wearing a stunning costume of pink with gilt and beading

highlights.  She has beads in her hair and adorned with jewellery. 

The infant she is holding also has the beading decoration on the cloth in which

it is swaddled. Measures 31cm in height and is in excellent condition.


Antique brass figure

$ 54.00

Antique brass figure believed to be that of a fisherman. 

He is very heavy with a flat body on the reverse side.

He is carrying 2 woven baskets which appear to be a later

replacement for what he was carrying originally. 

There is a neat round hole on the base behind his right heel.

Obviously there was a reason for this hole but it is now empty. 

For all his faults, he is a lovely example of a brass figure and

has a genuine patina consistent with age.  He is 35cm in height and weighs 2.3kg.


Tulip Basket

$ 10.00

Vintage Pura Banka hammered small fluted tulip basket with handle.

This item is heavy and appears to be chromium finished.

In excellent condition.

Height of basket itself 7cm, with handle extended 13cm and diameter 10cm


Pottery Vase

$ 15.00

West Germany vintage pottery vase.

Finished in brown and white drip glaze.

In excellent condition.

Stamped 7054A on base.   26cm.  


Crystal Carafe

$ 25.00

Magnificent vintage cut crystal carafe with handle and original stopper.

Beautiful floral design.  In excellent condition. 33cm  


Novelty Chest on Wheels

$ 25.00

A very decorative carriage on wheels and decorated

with shim metal and elephant motif.

Interior is lined in blue velvet and contains 2 small lidded glass jars

with small metal spoons, their purpose is not known. 

In excellent condition. Length 23cm and height 12cm.


Pewter Boy Figure

$ 28.00

Vintage 60s Peltro Casellato A Mano (Italy)

pewter figure of a boy in 18th century costume.

He is wearing a green and yellow neckerchief  and holding a yellow flower.

Mounted on a wooden plinth with pewter edging. Original label under. 

In excellent condition. 15cm.  


Art Glass Fish

$ 22.00

Handmade stylised glass fish.  Clear glass over unusual multi-colours. 

In excellent condition.

Height: 20cm x Width: 22cm


Large Glass Vase

$ 65.00

Large, heavy art glass vase.  It is oval shaped and a brilliant green

with white and pink petal decoration.

In excellent condition. Height is 32cm with diameter of 53cm at its widest.


Vintage Lidded Tea Cups

$ 8.00 per 3 piece set

Very decorative Japanese porcelain tea cups. ‘ Nakami Collection’  Shinta design,

set of 5 cups (220cc) with lids and matching saucers.

Feathery floral design in shades of blue and black

on an orange and gold background. In excellent condition.

$8 each 3 piece set (cup, lid, saucer)


Vintage Shoe Shine Box

$ 64.00

Stained pine with side metal handles.

The lid has the ‘Roo Boot Polish’ emblem with internal compartments.

Made in Australia.  In excellent condition.

Width: 46cm x Depth: 30cm x Height: 22cm.


Japanese Silver Tone Box

$ 48.00

A well crafted Japanese silver tone supplies box, featuring three archaic

Japanese/Chinese Kanji characters to lid (translation. 'Dental Box'),

attributed to Meiji (1860-1912) or Taisho (1912-1926) period.

In excellent antique/vintage condition.

Length: 16cm x Depth: 8cm x Height: 4.5cm.  


Pair Antique Japanese Vases

$ 32.00 pair

Pair of Royal Nishiki Nippon vases from circa 1905. 

Hand painted in shades of brown with pink,

green and white contrast flowers and boats.  Back stamp under.

Some minor chips to paintwork consistent with age. 25cm


Wall Clock

$ 25.00

Fenwick & Co. Royal Mail Station Clock.

Features timber case, white dial with black Roman numerals

and includes a picture of a stage coach.

The silent quartz movement requires 1 x ‘AA’ battery.

Excellent condition.  Diameter: 27cm

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